Addiction and Smoking Heroin

Is Smoking Heroin Addictive?

Yes. Smoking heroin is addictive and as a matter of fact any way heroin is used is considered to be highly addictive.

Why is smoking Heroin Addictive?

The most addictive part of Heroin is the physical dependency on the drug rather than just the craving to have more. Because of the fact that Heroin enters the brain rapidly and affects areas of the brain that control physical dependence, when the drug is stopped that part of the brain sends signals to the body which results the body in producing withdrawal symptoms also known as going cold turkey.

What to do when you need Help?

There is always help out there and people more experienced than you to guide you and thanks to the internet today, it is more easier than ever to get that help. For more information please visit... Help Resources Section

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