Help with Smoking Heroin - Rehabilitation and Rehab Centers

Methods of Rehabilitation

There are A number of methods known to be used for treating heroin addiction.

Remember: The Rehab Center are Experts and know how the Body works and CAN HELP YOU. What do you have to loose, why not try it TODAY! You can TURN your life around.

Methods: All methods involve a substitute for a longer-acting opioid which eases the physical part of the opioid withdrawal.

  1. Methadone treatment
  2. Clonidine treatment
  3. Valium treatment
  4. Buprenorphine treatment
  5. Naltrexone treatment

Rehabilitation Centre Contact Numbers

Here are some contact number for Rehab Centres around the world.

  1. Drug Rehab and Addiction Treatment Centers: 1-800-405-8409 U.S.A
  2. Brighton Hospital: 1-800-523-8198 or 1-810-220-5514 U.S.A (Admission Form)
  3. Teen Challenge: 1-800-879-4770 U.S.A
  4. Holistic Addiction Treatment Program: 1-800-559-9503 Canada
  5. Drug Rehab Centre: 1-877-483-3869 Canada
  6. Nar Conon Drug Treatment Centre: 08001-694-803 U.K.
  7. Rehab Today: 08000-380-480 U.K.
  8. Addiction Advisory: 0845-370-0102 U.K.
  9. Know the Score: 0800-5875879 Scotland
  10. Montrose Place: +27-21-797-9270 South Africa

Rehabilitation Centre Links

Here are some Rehabilitation Centre Links available on the web

  1. Drug Rehab Addiction Treatment Centre - U.S.A Based
  2. Teen Challenge Locations - U.S.A Based
  3. Addiction Treatment Center - U.K. Based
  4. Post Graduate Training Center - U.K. Based
  5. Drug Rehab Centre - Canada
  6. Canadian Drug Rehab Centres - Canada
  7. 12 Treatment Centres - World Wide

Rehabilitation Resources

Here are some external links pointing to useful resources on the web!

  1. How to Stop Smoking Heroin
  2. How do I get out of Drugs
  3. Wikipedia article explaining Heroin Withdrawal
  4. Narcotics Anonymous
  5. Detox and Rehab information
  6. Facts about Heroin
  7. Health effects of Heroin
  8. National Institute of Drug Abuse
  9. Principles of Drug Addiction Treatment - PDF Format

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