How does Heroin affect your Brain?

A Brain Comparision between a normal Brain and a Heroin Users' Brain

How does smoking heroin affect the brain?

When heroin enters the brain it is first converted into Morphine and then binds its self to brain receptors which are known as Opioid Receptors.

These receptors control pain and reward perception within one. They are also important for controlling functions which are critical to life such as breathing and blood pressure for example.

Heroin overdose usually results in a halt in breathing or suppression of respiration and this is a result of the affected area in the brain due to the heroins intervention and reaction to the brain part that controls these functions within the body.

With regular use of the drug the body develops tolerance to the drug and a larger quantity is required to create the same intensity and affect. Heroin is highly addictive and approximately 25% of Heroin users will become dependent on the drug if not in a later stage in their life.

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