Why is Smoking Heroin Dangerous?

The documentary above is a five part video about the UKs most Dangerous Drugs and approximately 3 minutes into the documentary it will reveal that the most dangerous rated Drug in Britain is Heroin.

Why is Heroin so Dangerous?

Here is a list of facts that makes Heroin use so dangerous!

  1. Overdose of Heroin will cause death.
  2. It is highly Addictive.
  3. It affects and hits the Brain killing the brain cells.
  4. It kills brain cells changing you for life.
  5. Because it's Illegal that makes it highly dangerous as there is a high risk from other chemicals being mixed with Heroin.
  6. Transfer of diseases can be associated with Heroin use such as HIV.
  7. Because it is highly addictive the user can go to great length to get their "Fix" and that length can prove to be dangerous.
  8. Can cause collapsed or scattered veins if injected.

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